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About Pneumercator


Established in 1914. Began with the manufacture of column type mercury gauges for marine and industrial use. Over the years, Pneumercator has grown with corresponding market demand, accommodating industry needs in supplying various types of liquid level gauging, alarm systems, and leak detection sensors.


Currently manufacturing four basic types of equipment:

  1. Point level controls based on float-actuated level switches and alarms.
    (Model Series LS600 and LC1000)
  2. Liquid level gauges based on mechanical and pneumatic signal transmission.
    (Model Series DR and P-Analog)
  3. Liquid level inventory management systems based on microprocessor control.
    (Model Series TMS-Digital)
  4. Hydrocarbon leak detection based on float switch technology.
    (Model Series LS600LD)


Primarily industrial/commercial accounts with emphasis on the telecommunications and retail petroleum fuels. Secondary markets include chemical processing, marine, transportation and military customers.

Sales / Marketing:

Primarily through independent sales representatives and equipment distributors with factory headquarters located in Hauppauge, NY.