The LLP203 is an EPA-compliant line leak detector intended for use with pressurized liquid piping systems. The LLP203 is designed to be compatible with all TMS2000, TMS3000 and TMS4000 Tank Management Systems using Pneumercator’s standard, universal leak sensor inputs. Applications include:

Underground Pressurized Liquid Piping Systems

Aboveground Pressurized Liquid Piping Systems

Chemical Applications Supported

Installation options:

Sensor may be installed in the 2" Leak Detector Port of the pump. It may also be installed in any 2" female NPT in the line.

The LLP203 is UL/cUL approved. It is Third-party EPA listed when used with TMS4000, TMS3000, & TMS2000 controllers. Pneumercator has Florida EQ numbers and California Water Board approvals.

3 GPH Catastrophic Line Leak Detector

Electrical Connection: 3-Conductor Cable(two wires used), 3-Pin Quick Disconnect, 3/4" NPT Male Conduit Connection

Pressure Connection: 2” NPT Male

Dimensions (H x W): 6" x 2.6" (152mm x 66mm)

Operating Tempertature: -40°F to 194°F (-40°C to 90°C)

External Housing & Wetted Sensor Components for LLP203-1:
Aluminum external housing, all 316 Stainless Steel wetted sensor components

External Housing & Wetted Sensor Components for LLP203-2:
316 Stainless Steel for external housing and all wetted sensor components

External Housing & Wetted Sensor Components for LLP203-3:
Hastelloy C-276 for external housing and all wetted sensor components

Pressure Rating: 150 PSI (1033 kPa)

Overpressure: 200 PSI (1379 kPa)

Burst Pressure: 500 PSI (3447 kPa)

Programmable for audible/visual alarm only, or audible/visual alarm with pump shutdown.

Programmable for two modes of leak detection: test only after pump shutdown or, after pump shutdown and every hour thereafter.

Compatible with: TMS4000, TMS3000, TMS2000

Full spec sheet is included with LLP203 Downloads.

For additional technical resources, please contact tech support at (631) 293-8450 or support@pneumercator.com.

Sensor Selection Guide

Leak Sensors

Sensor Image
[click image for details]
ES825-100 Secondary Containment Leak Sensor ES825-200 Secondary Containment Leak Sensor LS600LD Secondary Containment Leak Sensor LS600LDBN Secondary Containment Leak Sensor LS610 Secondary Containment Leak Sensor RSU800-2 Secondary Containment Leak Sensor HS100ND Secondary Containment Leak Sensor HS100D2 Secondary Containment Leak Sensor
Hardwired Console P/N ES825-100F ES825-200F LS600LD LS600LDBN-2 LS610 RSU800-2 HS100ND HS100D2
Wireless Console P/N ES825-300FL ES825-400FL LS600LD LS600LDBN-2 LS610 RSU800-2 HS100NDL
Detection Method Electro-Optic Electro-Optic Conductive Float Float Float Float Polymer Polymer/Float
Discriminating X High/Low X Wet/Dry
Non-Discriminating X X X X X
Fault-Detect X X Optional Optional
Tamper-Resistant Optional
Containment Sump X X X X
Manway X X X X
Piping Sump X X X X
Dispenser Sump X X X X
Turbine Sump X X X X
Tank Interstitial - Dry X X X X X
Tank Interstitial - Wet X
Containment/Dike X
Wet Well Monitoring X

Need assistance selecting a sensor? Contact us at (631) 293-8450 or sales@pneumercator.com.